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The Casino Experience


Every casino is designed to lure people in and keep them gambling. They use sounds, lights and physical design to create a manufactured blissful experience that makes it hard for people to walk away.

They even have specific smells. Casinos waft a particular scent through their ventilation systems, creating the same feeling you get when walking into your favorite bakery or a crowded club. This euphoric environment, combined with the joyful sound of slot machines, and the glitz of a Las Vegas hotel, creates an atmosphere that feels almost irresistible.

It’s a shame that the only thing more deceptive than the casinos themselves is the fact that we continue to go back. In fact, it’s not uncommon for someone to walk into a casino brimming with confidence, their wallet full of cash and the intention of having a few drinks and some enjoyable gaming.

Hours later, they may not have a clue what time it is or how much money they have spent. This is because casinos purposefully design their establishments to trick you into losing track of the time. Casinos will often keep their interiors lit in the same color of day and night, and they will avoid having clocks visible so that you can’t check your watch or phone to see how much time has passed.

Martin Scorsese’s epic Casino is a harrowing tale of avarice, corruption and betrayal. Unlike other mafia movies like Goodfellas, Casino focuses on the system of mob corruption rather than just one character. Despite its long runtime, Casino never feels bloated or slow, and it’s a masterful piece of filmmaking.