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Kanyashree project

Equality between the men and women is the topic we talk about the most. But in reality we still see that the girl child of the family gets less attention than the male child. So in most of the cases they are deprived from many of their birth rights. Still now there is a tendency to get the girls married before even completing their education and provide them less opportunity than a male child. To remove all these wrongs from the society, Bengal’s first lady Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee launched her dream scheme called Kanyashree. Main motto behind this was to educate girls and make them ready to be at par with any boy of that age group. Her dream is not only a success for the Bengal but also has been appreciated by the whole world.


On 1st October, 2013 Mamata Banerjee launched the scheme named “kanyashree” in Netaji Indoor Stadium. This scheme was made to encourage the girls of 13-18 years of age to study by allotting a stipend for them. It was declared that a girl belonging from a family whose annual income is less than one lakh twenty thousand will be given a sum of five hundred rupees a year provided the girls are unmarried. A one time grant of twenty five thousand as soon as the girls turns 18. In the initial days of the launch there were many girls who enrolled their name under this scheme.

kanyashree project was undertaken by the West Bengal Government with the help of Unicef. The number of students enrolling under the scheme became near about 16 lakhs by the end of 2013. The enrolling process was very simple and systematic. The primary aim of the team was to divide ten to twelve thousand students among the 270 schools of the city. The name list was prepared and handed over to the Borough chairman. Then the form was to be downloaded from the official site and the school used to distribute the forms among the students. In the initial days its pace a little less but as the time flowed it slowly became a huge success. It was a dream with long term effects.


After the launch of this scheme

West Bengal became the leader in the above mentioned ground. The percentage of girl dropouts have gone down to a large extent. Girls are mentally becoming more strong and fighting against their marriage in an inappropriate age. Women are being able to stand against the crime like human trafficking. Projects like this have made the reduction of female harassment possible. Child labor has also reduced. Both boys and girls are considered equal.

After the implementation of the scheme Central Government came up with a new scheme named “Beti parhao, Beti bachao” (educate girls, save girls) which almost had the same objectives. The Central allotted 100 crores of rupees for the country for this scheme. Whereas Mamata Banerjee allotted 1000 crores of rupees only for the girls of West Bengal. The scheme was awarded at Gandhinagarin Gujarat on 30th and 31st of January,2013. The initiative was appreciated and respected by many of the foreign countries. The Chief Minister got invited by Unicef in the International Girls Summit. Bengal got the second position in “Outstanding Performance in Citizen Centric Services”. On 23rd June 2017 Kanyashree received the United Nation’s Public Service Award in Netherlands, which was once again a great achievement.

kanyashree project



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