Essay on computer
Essay on computer

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Computer is a machine that computes things. It used to see box in earlier times. But now it has got rid of its extra fat and new lcd screens are evolving in the market and its brain which is the CPU is getting even more intelligent by the increase of the cores in it. Computer has various components .Its available in two types the desktop and a compact version named the laptop. The main components include the central processing unit the CPU, the mouse, the keyboard, speakers, the monitor and the UPS which is optional.


The cpu contains the processor, ram, hard disk and many more stuffs. Basically cpu is the place where all the work of computing is done. The monitor gives the visual part. Mouse is used for controlling the system by helping the user to click the desired spot in the monitor. Whereas the keyboard helps in inputting information. Computer is such a machine which is created by the human brains but is more intelligent than a human. The only reason which makes them even more efficient than its creator the humans, is the fact that it never commits a mistake. But it’s natural for humans to do mistakes. Computer can perform all the tasks, in other words its a multimedia machine . lt performs official works.


Besides that on can play video games, listen to music and even watch movies. Most importantly one can access internet in this device which has now become a priority for people from any profession. So it’s possible for people to search informations on internet, check their emails and even improve the interaction level with their friends and family by taking the help of social media sites . Nowadays people are keen to know more about computers. Students are taking up computer science as their career.


  1. Desktop type system unite
  2. tower type system unite


I would also like to point out that this particular machine has also given employment to a lot of people. It’s a very important machine and is required on day to day life. So people are bound to go to the cyber cafes when they cant afford one. Thereby providing job opportunities for those cafes. There are a important part and that is servicing of these computers. There are a lot of people who earn their living by servicing computers. So it’s creating employment for people in a way. Today a lot of companies are manufacturing this machine. All the computers have the same style of functioning. But the efficiency increases with the increase in price.

Although last but an important fact and that is beside being such a efficient machine, it also has negatives. Children often gets addicted and keeps playing video games which has ill effects on their memory and concentration. So I would conclude saying that it’s a great discovery and one should use it as per their needs rather than misusing it.



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