My First Day At School Essay

First day at school.
First day at school.

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My First Day At School Essay 300 Words

When I was in the 5th standard, my father who works in BSNL got transferred to Nagpur. So me and my brother had to leave our school in Pune. I was at first very scared about joining a new school. But my father assured me, that I would be admitted to a good school. My father fulfilled his promise. He took me to st. Xavier’s which is a renowned school in Nagpur. I remember my first day of school, it was extremely fantastic.

The school building was an attractive one with a huge playground. Separate basketball and volleyball courts. I was very impressed. We went inside the Principal’s office, after a discussion I was admitted to the school. My father bought me a uniform and the next day was my first day at my new school. My father dropped me and my brother at my school while going to office.

The prayer was going on, I had got late on my first day at school, though I wasn’t punished. I went straight to my class. Everyone started looking at me as they were seeing me for the first time, I took a seat on the 3″ bench as a seat was vacant there. Everyone started asking me several questions and I answered them patiently. After a few minutes, our English teacher came, she asked me to come forward and introduce myself to the class and also asked me a few questions and sent me back.

There was no free time until the recess. In the recess, I shared my tiffin with others and made them friends. My new friends then took me to a tour of the whole school, introduced me to many new people in the campus, and soon I felt as if I was also an old student here. Before the school finished the principal came to our class and asked me if I had any problem. From that wonderful first day at school onward, I made many friends. Those friends are even today in contact with me. Sometimes, When I think of my childhood days and the memories of my school flood my mind.

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