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The circus is a very popular form of entertainment in old days and when there were no computers, TV sets, mobile phones etc. People eagerly waited the arrival of a circus in their town or village. But today, the popularity of circus is decreasing due to the modern means of entertainment. People prefer staying at home and watching inovies, cartoons, sports and serials etc on their TV set rather than going to watch a circus & spending money.

But I like to see the circus even today. The acts performed by wild animals amuse me a lot. Being wild animals they still obey the commands of their master at once. The joker is also funny. The people who do various stunts like walking on a rope or performing various acts on hanging ropes are thrilling. Their co-ordination and practice are remarkable. I saw the famous Gemini circus on the Dussehra Day: All the people working in the circus were foreigners. It was being held at Azad maidan. There was a huge tent in the centre and a few smaller tents surrounding it.


When I, along with my parents went inside, I was very frightened to see such a large crowd. My father was continuously holding my hand. The show began sharp at 6 O’clock, in the beginning the gymnasts came in. They were very fit and active. They amused the andience by dong various feats in the air. At times I felt that some of them would fall, but their co-operation and practice was so accurate, that there was not a single mistake. The band was playing continuously in the background. After the gymnasts two jokers came, without saying a word, they made us kings laugh hilariously through their actions. They performed a comic short story.

After the jokers, the horses came in they ran around the arena & the jockey did amusing beats feats. After this the ringmaster entered with some lions. He cracked the whip & the lions obeyed him every time he did so. The ringmaster ordered them to jump through the rings lit with five & they obeyed. The monkeys that came in between after sometime in every show were very amusing as well. The elephants who acted like husband-wife made us all laugh. At the end the exhibitor along with the whole crew came in the middle & saluted the audience, to signify that the show had finished.

I liked the circus very much because one most important think we get to learn from it is that if a person practices any things Whatever he likes can be perfect in it. Most famous saying is prove true here is that “Practice makes a man perfect”.it was my first experience to see a circus show. my sister also enjoy watching the show specially  little girl attracted her very much . after  the show we ritern home ,full of the excitement and a sense of horror . i can never forget this experience ,i thanks my father for taking us to the show.

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