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Museum is a place, where the collections of certain special things are preserved and are kept for everyone to see. There are many kinds of museums such as, historical museums, scientific museums, statue museums etc. They are very important as they preserve important things and allow us to see them. They are a source of knowledge and also good places to spend time. This year on children’s day, our school had arranged a visit to a museum for all of us we all were very excited about the visit. Our tenchers had told us to collect information about the lives of our freedom fighters. One day before the visit ourchss teacher told us many things about our freedom fighters. She also told us to follow the rules of the museum.

The next day everyone was rendy to visit muscum. Our school buses took us to the National Museum. It was a huge building. Armed guards were guarding the gate. As soon as we entered inside there was a huge board on the wall describing the grent warriors of India. We followed our class teacher to a room, where there was a huge photograph of Mahatma Gandhi talking to someone, under it there was a caption describing the photograph.  There were many articles, used by Gandiji, some of his letters were displayed. I tried reading one of them written to Pl. Nehru, but couldn’t complete it as we had to move ahend. Certain facts about Gandhiji’s life were also displayed on a large board, our tencher asked us to write some of them.

the Indian museum is quite large and so we were given maps right at the entrance which showed us the location of the different room.As we moved from one room to another room,I was thrilled to see different kinds of artilacts that were displayed. each of these objects had a short note which mentioned the data and place from where  they were collected of all the rooms ,the one which doesnt my full attention was the one which contained the mummy.The room was filled with all kinds of objects excavated from the great historical place ,Egypt.

Then we entered the next room housing the things used by PL Nehru. Our teacher explained us a few facts. We asked our teacher a few questions and we moved on. The room, where the articles of Bhagat Singh and his comrades were kept, was the most inspiring one, I had goose bumps. The visit concluded soon after we visited a few more rooms. Delicate articles like letters, clothes etc. were preserved in a good manner. We got a lot of information as well as inspiration, From that day onwards, I decided to join the armed forces to serve my country.

my father insisted that we visit the room which contained the old  weapons used by indian warriours .They werw of different shaped and sizes and included armours .In various other halls articles  such as jewelry were displayed that were dug out from busied towns.


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