Essay On Summer Vacation For Students

Essay On Summer Vacation
Essay On Summer Vacation

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Essay On Summer Vacation In 500 Words (Summer Vacation Essay)

My summer vacation started from 14th may. Its really hot in Kolkata during these months. In the afternoon time hot loo keeps on blowing. There by ice cream and cold drinks becomes a must. But consuming those provides temporary relief. So to escape this hot and humid climate every year we plan a tour to a cooler place during this time. Like every year, we went for an outing this year also. We planned a trip of 10 days. we went to Lava, Lolegaon, Rishap and Kalingpong. All these places are amidst the mountains and clouds. I still remember that ones in an afternoon in Rishap I was walking along the long balcony and I felt like that my face is getting wet. Then I realized that it was the clouds.

Both the sunrise and sunset was mesmerizing to look at. we witnessed the color changing of Kanchanjangha from white to golden during the sunrise. Its worth remembering. The scenic beauty while going from one place to other was mesmerizing. The view kept on changing every hour as we were either climbing or descending even did paragliding there. During paragliding just before jumping off the cliff to I really felt for the first time that I was at the threshold of fear and joy.

The feeling was amazing. eventually the trip came to an end. Returning home i still had 10 days for my holiday to come to an end .so I decided to visit my uncles place and spent some time playing with my sister who is 5 years old. I stayed there for 5 days. There my uncle planned few small visits to different places like Indian museum and different art galleries as he knew that I am keen about art and culture. Few evenings were spent in the theaters watching the newly released films.

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In the morning time I went to Maidan and north Calcutta to experience the charm that the city has at dawn. Almost every day I went alone to the streets of kolkata. I used to got up at 4:30 am and went out for a walk with my DSLR in my hand even clicked pictures which now decorates the walls of my house . Every day! used to observe that as the time flew I felt that as if the city is also walking up. Gradually the number of people increased along with the noise. Every day I used to enter my Uncles house at 7 o’clock.

Every day I used to enter my Uncles house at 7 o’clock. Eventually i realized that my vacation is coming to end. So without further adeu I started completing my home works . My conscience hit me ones more that again the monotonous life was going to start. Anyways, one has to move with the flow of time. This vacation was really a blast for me , next year I am looking forward to a better one.

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