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Essay On My Hobby In 100 Words (My Hobby Essay 1)

My hobby is reading books. Hobby gives us mental peace which in turn gives an internal peace which in return gives us health, wealth and what not. It is that point of the work in which we takes interest and derives pleasure without any lust for profit or petty gains. The main aim of my hobbies is to lighten the burden of my life and my free time in the best possible way by keeping ourselves busy and happy. But we should not devote too much time to hobbies because it might destruct our daily routine. We should divide our day in different segments and there should be a segment for leisure in which we can indulge in our hobby. I have spend nearly 1 hour a day in reading books which is my hobby also.

If we indulge in our hobby in most parts of the day, we will disturb our daily routine. So we should follow this quotation which provides an essence of life.

“Work while you work, Play while you play. It is the way, To be happy guy.”


Different people have different hobbies based on their taste and preferences. Some like swimming, some dancing and some prefer to read a book in isolation. One thing I like to do is to walk in the woods in silence and calm. I could say that it is a hobby of mine.

I like to walk as close to the nature as possible. It just feels so good that my heart always crave for a walk through the forest, park or any landscape that has been untouched from human interference. Walking fills my lungs with clean, fresh air and gives me a new lease of life.


My favourite hobby is cooking. I love to do cooking on holidays. I like to try out new and unique cuisines from different places around the world. It improves my knowledge not only about the vegetation and food habits of the people in that particular area, but it also let me know the type of vegetation there.

I usually prefer to cook fresh vegetables with sauces and other ingredients, which are healthy, easy to prepare and looks good to serve. More often than not I also like to prepare different kind of desserts from various parts around the world.

Some of the notable dishes that I have prepared are Mexican corn Tortillas, avocado and salsa; white bean peasant soup that belongs to Italy. All you have to do is gather the information from the internet, there is a lot of information available there and gather all the necessary ingredients and prepare a fresh and delicious dish.

Essay On My Hobby In 200 Words (My Hobby Essay 4)

Every body must have some hobby in his life. My hobby is collecting of great personalities like Gandhiji, Abhram Lincoln, Kalidas, Napoleon, Chankya etc. scot quotations while reading books, newspapers and magazines in my leisure. I feel relief and more zeal after reading the quotations.

Quotations give a disappointed person a lot of inspiration and courage and help him to prepare himself for doing something new. In my opinion, when a boy or girl passes the age of 18 to 25 he or she has to build up his or her career. As many difficulties crop up in his/her way. He/she loses hope and gets discourage. These qualities playing a great role in inspiring him/ her to try and try again until he/she achieves his/her goal. The quotations play a great role in inspiring him/her to try and try and try again until he/she achieves his/her goal. The quotations are the experiences of great personalities. A man who follows them, can not fail in any field of life.

Whenever any of my companions suffers from despondency, 1 advise him or her to read Gita Saar of Lord Krishna. Because after reading it, man thinks that whatever has happened with him, is for his welfare, God does every thing for our welfare. Quotation inspire me whenever I am in trouble. Collecting of quotations has really become a great hobby for me. I think after reading my views you do well also start collecting the sayings of great personalities.


Hobby is something that we like to do whenever we are free. Sometimes, it is also an activity that our heart craves for from time to time. My hobby is reading. Don’t get me wrong! I am not talking about subject books, but the books of other genre like fiction, thriller and action etc. One of my favourite genres when it comes to book reading is jungle adventure. I could read a book, for hours in a line, which has been written on adventures in forest and involves animals too. It could be based on anything from a hunting expedition to tracking down a man eater tiger or a rogue elephant.

I have read almost all the books written by acclaimed hunter, adventure and conservationist Jim Corbett, who had spend decades on northern part of India, tracking and hunting man eaters, who have been a menace. I have read some of them even twice and I never get bored of it.

It is something I would like to do on holidays. There is nothing better than reading a good book sitting comfortably on a chair with the sun shining on your face.


A hobby is something that you love to get involve with, in your pass time or in leisure. It is the first thing that comes to your mind when you get bored. I also have a hobby that I like to get involved in whenever I have time – drawing.

Since childhood, I have developed an interest for drawing and love to make sketches, filling a white sheet of paper with life and colors. I don’t know what prompted me towards drawing; nevertheless it is my favourite pastime and my favourite hobby.

Drawing has many mental benefits apart from improving your drawing skills with every new sketch you make. It improves your imagination as your mind constantly juggles through the thoughts of making new figures and filling it with colors.

To draw a sketch in detail you need to be focused and keep your mind concentrated, eliminating any kind of external distraction. The attention to detail that you put in the drawing will require all your imagination and concentration. The ability to concentrate while doing a particular job stays with you always in other works as well.

Drawing is good for the development of the brain and hand-eye coordination. You will constantly think new thins to draw and immediately start giving it shape on paper, working your eyes, brain and hand in synchronization. Drawing is a wonderful hobby which could be fun and in my opinion everyone should take up drawing as a pass time activity if not a full time hobby.

Essay On My Hobby In 300 Words (My Hobby Essay 7)

A person makes something his hobby out of his interest for a particular thing. A hobby is not to be practiced every time, it is something that we do during our leisure time. Instead of wasting our free time we can engage ourselves in something useful by cultivating a hobby. The main aim of a hobby is nothing but the decrease the stress on our mind and instead of getting bored using our free time constructively.

Every person has a hobby. Most common hobbies are gardening, photography, reading etc. All these hobbies are very useful and every hobby develops certain personality traits in the personality of that person. My hobby is reading and I consider books as my best friends.

I took up this habit from my grandmother. In my childhood she used to read me a lot of stories, I liked it very much in time, her! eyesight grew weak and I started reading out newspapers and magazines to her. As I grew up, my thirst for knowledge increased and I started reading books. Now, I’m so fond of books, that wherever I travel, I have a book with me to read in my leisure time.

It is a very good use of the free time I have. It increases my knowledge a lot. My reading hobby has been the main reason, of winning so many quiz competitions. Due to reading I’ve collected that knowledge, which is difficult to get on the internet as well as the television.

I don’t restrict my reading habit to any particular kind of books. To fulfill this hobby, I can read any book available But science-fiction kind of books are my most favorite, as they stretch our imagination to high levels, with the support of science.

This hobby has kept me away from cinema halls and the TV. People get various bad-habits in their free time out of boredom but reading keeps me busy & away from bad habits as well.



My hobby is the activity that I can’t live without and need to regularly get involved in it. My hobby is cycling and it just pleases me immensely to ride a bicycle in some open terrain which is less travelled by other travelers.

Cycling – My Hobby

Steps to Begin as a Cyclist

Step 1 – Find the Right Bike

This is the most important step for bicycle enthusiasts and the same challenging also. You have to find the right bike that suits your physical requirements and the budget as well.

Step 2 – Get Suitable Accessories

Once you have purchased a bicycle, the next step is to fit it with accessories proportionate to your body and your requirements.

Step 3 – Eat Healthy

Once you are all set to paddle your way through a challenging terrain, the first thing you should be doing is to gain energy as much as you can, by eating nutritional and healthy food.

Step 4 – Set a Target

Don’t push it too hard initially and keep your target low for few days and increase it in steps gradually. In the first week you can keep the target of bicycling as 5 miles or even lower.

Step 5 – Regular Maintenance

The most important part of bicycling is to keep your bike regularly maintained and serviced. You should check for oiling, greasing and other requirements to keep it smooth and safe.

Benefits of Bicycling

Bicycling has many health benefits. Some of the most significant of them are given below-

  • Considerably safe and causes less injury as compared to motorcycles.
  • An excellent muscle exercise as you pedal.
  • No prior physical skills required and so it is easy to pursue.
  • Stress buster and a good off-road activity.
  • It is an environment friendly and economical mode of transport.


Bicycling is an excellent hobby and is beneficial for your physical health. It also improves your stamina and makes to stress free and happy. Though, the hobby requires some care of the bicycle and certain mandatory safety precautions.



Different people have different kinds of hobbies. Some of the hobbies are cheap while some require a decent amount of money and other resources. I too have hobby which is neither easy to follow nor is cheap; nevertheless, it is my favourite hobby and I love doing it whenever I get time. My hobby is horse riding.

Horse Riding – My Hobby

Benefits of Horse Riding

Horse riding is a little different from other hobbies, could be a little costlier but it also has several physical and mental health benefits.

To begin with, the hobby of horse riding will take you off the road, and you will be spending more time in the greener postures and open spaces on the out skirts of the city.

The hobby will get you more close to the nature and provide a mesmerizing experience of looking at the clear blue sky from the back of a horse.

While riding a horse on the outskirts of the city you breathe clean and pure air, which is beneficial for your lungs, body and mind.

Apart from the physical benefits, horse riding also transforms you in a kind of animal lover. You will feel a bond with the exceptionally majestic animal, horse .and You will also get a sense of responsibility towards the animal and learn to care for it and feed it. therefore You will learn a lot of interesting facts about horses and their behaviour. You will also learn how to interact with the horse, command it and keep it under control.

Suggestions for Aspiring Horse Riders

Horse riding isn’t an easy hobby and it tests the limit of your physical as well as mental strength. If you are serious about choosing horse riding as a hobby, my advice to you is that you start from understanding the behaviour of horses and how they respond to various commands. A well skilled trainer will be able to effectively teach you that. Even if you are lucky to find a part time job in your locality or town, just go for it. This way you will become familiar with the horses and get a chance to ride on them.


Horse riding is a wonderful experience and very beneficial for physical as well as mental health. However, it has its own challenges and you should also be compassionate about the animal and feel a sense of responsibility towards it.



Essay On My Hobby In 400 Words (My Hobby Essay 10)

An idle mind is a devil workshop is a well known saying and is really true even to this day. A man who has no pleasant occupation for his leisure hours, is likely to fall into some mischief. So it is important to cultivate some hobby and hence I decided my hobby as playing music.

A hobby is what we do in our leisure hours. There is a well known proverb : “All work and no play make jack a dull boy.” It stresses the value of leisure and recreation. So, a hobby is more of an amusement than that one has to do to earn money. Our life will become dull if we are always busy in doing the same work leisure saves us from dullness and boredom of life. Hobby is the best use of leisure. By hobby we mean a favorite pursuit which the sake of pleasure with no consideration one follows during leisure time for the sake of pleasure with no for monetary return. It gives us a sense of satisfaction and content.

The word hobby is taken from Hobby House which is a wooden horse on which small children ride for fun and pleasure. In it ‘H’ stands for happiness, ‘O’ for occupation, ‘B’ for best and Y for ‘Your’. This analysis tell us that a Hobby is the best and beneficial occupation which gives you happiness.” A hobby makes a man fresh and happy while enhancing his interest in life. It keeps him joyfully busy in his leisure and provides him recreation.

Hobby increases our efficiency to work by giving us healthy entertainment. It gives us an opportunity to think on different aspects of the literary world such as composing poems, writing stories, fiction and host of other non literary activities. All the great people had their hobbies. The hobby of late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was that of writing. Hence, he could produce great work like Glimpses of the world history. The hobby of Muluk Raj Anand, is that of drawing and painting. The former Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee has the hobby of writing poetry.

A hobby which becomes a source of income is not a hobby. Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb who made copies of the Holy Quran which fetched some money to him, was not pursuing. A hobby in the true sense of the term. As a devout Muslim he believed in earning his honest bread.

So, everyone must have at least one hobby in his life because life boring without a hobby. and hence my hobby is dancing.



Everyone has a hobby; someone would like to read books while others would like to watch movies, play games, walk etc.  I also have a hobby, though it may sound a little strange to some. My hobby is swimming. It is cheap hobby requiring no financial commitments and could be simply undertaken in swimming pools, rivers or ponds.

Swimming – My Hobby

Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is extremely beneficial for your physical health as it involves the movement of each and every body part and muscle. You swim against the resistance offered by the water making your body more resilient and improving its endurance.

It is very good for your heart and keeps it healthy and free from ailments. Swimming is also like a stress buster that relieves your stress and makes you happy and healthy, of course. As you continuously struggle to stay afloat on water, moving all of your limbs; it improves your muscle strength making them more resilient and strong.

The deep breadths you take while swimming continuously improves the health of your lungs. Swimming also helps regulate your weight and prevents obesity and the complications arising from it. Swimming in a way tones your complete body and rejuvenates it.

There are several other benefits of swimming including that it improves body coordination and balance, making the body more flexible.

Safety Rules for Swimming

Though swimming is an interesting sport, it is very important that certain safety rules and regulations must be followed while swimming. Some of the safety measures to be undertaken while swimming are as given below-

  • Whenever possible try to swim with someone, so that just in case if you need help, you can get it.
  • It is better to swim in water bodies those have lifeguards, to deal with any emergency situation.
  • If you are feeling tired or exhausted already, it is wise to drop the idea of swimming.
  • If the water seems unfriendly or dirty, avoid swimming in it.
  • Stay out of water in case of storm, rain or lightening.
  • Swim at a safe distance from other swimmers, boats, rafts etc.
  • Swimming close to the boat ramps must also be avoided at all cost.


Swimming is the best exercise for your body and mind and opens up all your muscles and sharpens your reflexes. Nevertheless it is mandatory that all the necessary safety precautions must be followed while swimming.

Essay On My Hobby In 500 Words (My Hobby Essay 12)

People are inclined towards various things and make it their hobby. My hobby is to click pictures irrespective of their genre. In other words photography is my hobby and for sure I want to be a photographer as I grow up. I still remember a picture clicked by my uncle while his Sikkim tour. It was a simple picture of sunrise. That picture fascinated me to a great extent and that very day I got the answer to the most difficult question in my life.

The question was , what to pursue as a career which would love to do the most. I told about this to my parents. They never paid any attention as they were well aware of the uncertainty of this kind of profession. They advised me to concentrate on my studies. During my initial days I used to click pictures with my smartphone. Slowly after saving money for two years I bought my first DSLR which took me a step closer to my dream. My parent also supported me a lot as they were completely not against photography but wanted that to be my hobby and not profession.

I started clicking various pictures with my new camera. I was appreciated by my relatives also as my clicks were getting better day by day. I’am started participating in various competitions in my schools and later in my college. I even won the first prize in many of them and won the runner up trophies in others but never returned without bagging a prize. I used to follow the national geographic channel regularly and tried to master the skills of a professional photographer. Every year during the summers we visit hill stations and there I tried to take the best shots out of the nature and the wildlife present there.

As days passe I saw that I am more incline towards wildlife photography. Last year I went to the hills of Himachal Pradesh and to make the journey more exciting we planned for a trek and we used to live in a tent during the night amidst the jungle. One morning as I woke up I saw a golden Langur on a tree just 10 meters away form my tent. I clicked the picture of him from a corner so that he does not notice me. That day I was amaze. That was the best picture click by me fill date. As I returned back home many days went by. One day morning| came across an advertisement by national geographic about a contest.

I immediately registered my name and submitted my best clicked image. After a month or so the result was declare and guess what, I won the 1st prize in wildlife photography from India because it was my hobby. Along with the prize money I also received a letter of invitation from National Geographic asking me to participate for internship.

Today, here I am, Robin Gill one of the best wildlife photographer of National Geographic. I always believed in one thing “one should make their hobby, their profession and not the other way round”.



Everyone has a hobby which he/she wants to involve in, whenever the time permits. It makes one physically active and builds mental stamina. I too have a hobby and that is to play cricket during holidays or whenever I get time.

My Hobby – Cricket

Advantages of Playing Cricket

There are several health benefits of playing cricket; moreover it is also good for building up of mental strength and happiness.

Playing cricket improves your physical stamina, makes your reflexes sharp, and improves your agility and overall physical fitness. Playing it regularly isn’t only beneficial for your body as well as for the mind, besides it also instills confidence, ability to coordinate and work as a team, leadership quality etc.

Cricket is a team sport in which you play together with your team and either lose or win. For this you have to be in constant vigil, watching the position and movement of other team players and making strategies with them. This in turn improves your personality by installing leadership quality.

Getting Selected for Cricket in India

The Traditional Way

If you are a normal player hopeful of getting selected in India Cricket Team one day, then the traditional procedure for you is to begin from playing in your school or club level cricket team. Not only that, you must also make a mark by playing in local tournaments and get noticed. If you play good enough, you will be selected for the under 13 cricket team of your district. Remember this all has to happen during your early teens.

After getting selected in District under 13 team, you need to maintain your form and get selected for under 13 state team from then on moving up to under 16 and then under 19. The Indian under 19 cricket team is selected out of the state under 19 teams that play against each other.

There are many factors that come into play here including your luck, skills and competitors.

The Non-Traditional Way

If for some reason you cannot get into the cricket teams by the traditional ways as described above, there is still hope, but I must remind you that the nontraditional way is very difficult and no one, not that I can remember, had been selected this way.

You begin with enrolling in a good cricketing club in your city or town and practice for unusually longer hours. In fact, practice is what you must be doing 24/7, and money also should not be a problem for you. All you should be caring about is your fitness and game.

Thereby, by performing well in club cricket, you should get noticed by the upper-division teams. If you are lucky enough you will be asked by the team to join them. From there on it all depends on you and by performing extraordinarily you can play for state team or the Indian Premier League (IPL).


Cricket is one of the most popular sports of the world and offers an extraordinary career option. However, the key to become a successful cricketer is to practice hard and also to start early in life. If your are passionate about cricket and in your early teens the chances of your getting selected in the under 19 India Cricket Team one day are brighter.

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