Essay On Monsoon Season For Students

Essay On Monsoon Season
Essay On Monsoon Season

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Essay On Monsoon Season In 500 Words (Essay 1)

After the summer season comes the monsoon season. This season comes as a blessing to the mankind after tolerating the scorching heat of the sun for the whole summer season. Monsoon consists of three months namely July, August and September. The temperature during this time remains between 20 to 35 degree C.

This is my favorite season because I love to see the nature when its drenched with the rain water. That amazing smell, when rainwater meets the dry ground mesmerizes me all the time. I specially love to be at home during the monsoons because my house is surrounded by gigantic trees on all side so I could see various birds that take shelter in the branches of those trees. All the leaves of those trees gets washed and color becomes become even more green. I love flowers so I also help my parents in the garden.

I specially love white flowers like jasmine because they have a very sweet smell. During the monsoon these flower bloom in bulk during the night and our house is filled up with its beautiful smell. Often I wake up at midnight and spend sometimes walking in the balcony and enjoying the silence of a monsoon night. I also love to play football in the fields barefooted with my friends. This thing gives me immense joy which is of different level. I also enjoy the surprise holidays during the rainy season due to the heavy rains.

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I still remember one such day and how I enjoyed it to the fullest. Last year for a change I went to Darjeeling during the rainy season. Hardly there were any tourists. During this season the specialty of the place is that suddenly the place gets covered with clouds and there is sudden rainfall even. I still remember that I used to walk from place to place wearing my raincoat. The wind that blew were pinching my hands and face. Although it was a pleasuring trip. Mountains have different beauties during different seasons. I was obliged to experience the mountains during the monsoon. I was also amazed as the picture during monsoon was completely different. The over filled roads and lanes of the mall road were so empty. This emptiness added to the divinity of the place.

The best thing of this season is the temperature remains moderate throughout the day. In short I love almost every aspect of this season. We all wait for this season as its very uncomfortable during the summers and as the years are passing by its getting even more hotter during the day time in summers. Night temperatures have also gone up. This is my favorite season because I think that the rains cleans up the environment to a great extent which is quite helpful for our mother nature. We hope you enjoy this article on monsoon season.

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