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Essay on computer
Essay on computer

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Essay On Computer In 400 Words (Computer Essay 1)

Today is the world of computers and quite literally it is! We don’t need to go very far, only if we just turn our heads around we can see either the computer itself or it’s applications. This is because the computer has become an important part of almost all the fields. This just shows how useful it is for us.

Charles Babbage is known as the father of computer. In the | earlier days, the computer used to be very big & slow as compared to today’s computers. They required large space & they got heated up quickly, so proper cooling was also necessary. With more and more developments the computer became faster and convenient to use. The telephone we use, the TV we watch, the vehicles we use are all the products of computer. The computer is associated with almost all the electronic gadgets we use and thus it has also become an important part of our life.

The youth, especially, is fascinated by this invention of science. A compact form of the computer is invented which we can carry with us any where it is known as “Laptop”. It is in shape of big register so can handle easily. Because of Laptop, a person can work any time. It is most useful for busy men.

Uses Of Computer

It is a machine that can do any assigned work. Form making books to electronic appliances, form canned food to cosmetics & from dress designing to designing homes everything is possible at the click of the mouse. Robots are being invented to make our daily chores further easy & our life comfortable.

With the invention of the internet, it has become an important & fast means of communication. One can connect to a person, thousands of miles away. A decade before, it was very costly so middle class can’t purchase it but now a days it is so chip in rate that every household today has a computer. It has opened the doors of knowledge, learning entertainment & connectivity to everyone. With a host of advantages, some disadvantages come with the pack. But it is completely in our control, how to use it.

Essay On Computer In 500 Words (Computer Essay 2)

Computer is a machine that computes things. It used to see box in earlier times. But now it has got rid of its extra fat and new lcd screens are evolving in the market and its brain which is the CPU is getting even more intelligent by the increase of the cores in it. Computer has various components. Its available in two types the desktop and a compact version named the laptop. The main components include the central processing unit the CPU, the mouse, the keyboard, speakers, the monitor and the UPS which is optional.

End of the century saw the sixth generation of computers performing different functions. They store information as the human brain does brain. They manipulate, compare and come to decisions. While human brain may take a long time. A computer meant for the purpose comes to the conclusion within seconds. The modern computer is billion of times faster and decisive than human brain.

Uses Of Computer

We have men trained and specialized in different traders. Hence, computers meant for different purposes. One may approach the astrological computer, feed it with the qualities and qualifications of the boy and the girl. Within a second it will let one know if the marriage would be successful or not. There are computers that would compose hundred of pages of a book on a day. Big industrialists and business firms keep their accounts and secrets in computers. Super Computers are installed in bank and would allow a customer to draw money from any branch in the city or region.

The more sophisticated a man is the more prone is he to diseases. It is true about computers too. In the beginning of Eighties Pakistan interfered with the border communication system of Indian Forces manned by computers. The Indian soldier received wrong orders and were confused. The USA computers were infested by computer virus in later eighties. Someone fed one of the computers with strange things that disturbed the whole system the whole system and destroyed the labor of billions of man hours.

India, in many cities has installed computerized railway reservation systems. In many cities almost all the railway regions, states have been interlinked. In 1989 India installed a super computer acquired from USA to interlink all the odd 500 district places of the country with Delhi. Let us be cautious about the virus. But 1988 the fastest super computer was manufactured by a US firm. It produced 27 billion operations per second. By the end of 1990 HNS a combination of Japanese firm and one of USA delivered another. Super computer Crey 3 which performs 16 billion operation per second.

USA has an eye on a super computer it expects to bring about before the end of the century. Because It’s aimed at a capability of producing a trillion (one thousand billion) operations per second. Therefore, we wish and hope they are not infested by virus and are not used for destructive purposes.

We hope you enjoy this essay on computer.

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