Essay On Christmas For Students

essay on Christmas festival
essay on Christmas festival

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Essay On Christmas In 300 Words ( Christmas Essay 1 )

Every year the whole world celebrates Christmas on the 25th December. 2004 years ago Jesus Christ was born on this day. The world remembers him and the sacrifice of his life which he made for the poor.

The whole world celebrates Christmas with a lot of fervor and joy. There are fireworks, greetings, gifts and toys. Friends and relatives visit each other and exchange gifts, no one remains aloof from this joyous celebration. Children, especially, are very excited about getting gifts from Santa Clause. They try to please him by drawing his pictures and dressing like him.

People have different ways of celebrating the festival. Some people enjoy the carnivals that are arranged during this period, some people bring the Christmas trees at their homes and decorate it with bulbs, bells, balloons & stars made by thermocol sheet. Cakes and puddings are made, songs are sung a are exchanged.I hope you enjoying this Christmas essay.

I celebrate Christmas in my own way. I don’t believe in splurging money in the name of any festival. And I remember the spirit in which Christmas is celebrating. Jesus laid down his life for the poor, I can at least help the poor. For this purpose, I start collecting old woolen clothes from my house, my neighborhood, my friends & relatives. I distribute those to the poor people in my locality & Served food to the poors. Instated of purchasing gift, toys for my self I purchase it for poor children in orphanage.

In this way everyone should fallow the precious words of “Bible“. I try to wipe their tears along with the meaningful celebration of Christmas.

Thank for reading this article on Christmas carefully.

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