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a rainy day

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India depends mainly on agriculture, so the people of India, wait eagerly for the rainy season every year. Rains are always welcome in India. Good and timely rain means good amount of agricultural production which means prosperity. Poor rain means drought in many areas & poor agricultural production means misery for the poor people and bad economic year for the country. Last year the summer was too hot not only human beings but also animals & plants were suffering due to the heat. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the rains. The power-cuts added to our problems.

On such hot day, when I woke up in the morning, I saw dark clouds covering the sun, everyone thought that there would be rain and we will be relieved of the severe heat. The heat continued to trouble us the whole day. & our expectations proved to be false There was no rain that day. The same story repeated for two days & on the third day it started raining from the morning itself. I was very delighted. The meteorological department had predicted rains for the next 72 hours. As the time passed, it began pouring heavily. My auto rickshaw didn’t come, so I didn’t go to school that day. It was the first rain, so even mummy couldn’t dissuade me from playing in the rain. I took some of my friends form our building on the terrace and we enjoyed the rain.


There for a long time, soon my elder brother along with his friends came to the terrace, they started playing loud music on the stairs which could be heard on the terrace, we all danced frantically. It is considered good for health, to get wet in the first rain. Some people say it cures skin diseases. But considering the time we spent, dancing in the rain, it was sure not good for health. As I went back home, just as my mother opened the door, i started sneezing & my mother started scolding me. I had no option but to accept my mistake soon my elder brother came down sneezing, he too was scolded. The next day onwards, the rain started in full swing, the disease season started. But we already had caught cold and cough. My brother & me were lying in beds and laughing at our condition.


We welcome the rain after the summer heat. During summer the earth is dry and roads are full of dust. The hot wind blows and the sun is very strong. On a rainy day, it rains all day long. Dark clouds gather in the sky. A pleasant breeze blows. The sun is behind the clouds. Sometimes it rains heavily and sometimes it rains lightly.

A rainy day is a day of joy for children. They go out of their houses. They play on roads. They run here and there in the rain. Grown up people go out with umbrellas. The road side ditches are full of water. So a rainy day is a day of rain and pleasure.

A rainy day creates beautiful scenes. The attendance of students in schools and colleges is thin. Some students are half drenched. Some are fully drenched. Everybody talks about the rain. The street look flooded. Most of the shops are closed in town. School boys enjoy the rainy day most. They do not care for the cold and cough. So rainy day is a day of joy and freedom for children.

A rainy day brings some problems to us. Most of us do not have umbrellas or rain coats. But we may have to go out. Going out is very difficult. We do not get rickshaws easily. We may not go far on foot. We soon get wet. We often look up to the sky to stop rain. A rainy day causes some suffering to the poor. The poor people depend on daily work for food. They may not get work on such a day. Besides, their houses may leak. Thus a rainy is a day of trouble for such poor people.

A rainy day has its use also. Farmers are very happy. They welcome rain A rainy day is day of pleasure for them. Trees and plants look washed out. The fields are green, frogs and other creatures produce music. The rainbow sometimes appear in the sky. Those who live in well-built houses sit by the windowside and enjoy the sweet music and of the rainfall. They say to themselves.

“How beautiful is the rain

After the dust and heat”.

There are three chief seasons in India. They are the summer season, the winter season rainy season. The rainy season is very important to the people of India. India is an agricultural country. The crops depend on the rainy season. A good monsoon means prosperity. But an excess of rains bring flood. Flood destroy the crop. But the failure of mansoon causes drought and famine.

The rainy season starts in India sometimes in June. Before it breaks the sun looks very strong. The heat is too much for us. The sky is cloudless. The earth eagerly waits for rain. The air is hot, we can find hot waves. At many places we do not get even drinking water. The heat problems for both and animals.

With the arrival of the mansoon, we find a sudden change in the weather. Clouds form in the sky. They soon turn into heavy rain. The rainy season continues till about the end of September. Everybody welcomes rain after the summer season. In the rainy season the air becomes cool. The sun is no longer strong. The clouds make the whole atmosphere pleasant. The land becomes green with grass and plants. Roadside ditches, ponds and rivers are filled with water.

The future of Indian agriculture fully depends on the rainy season. Farmers wait for rain. They look at their dying crops on earth. They expect rain when they see black clouds in any corner of the sky. When it rains they become happy. They move out of their houses and They go to their fields and think about paddy plantation. they grow maize and other crops during the rains.

The rainy season gives us a pleasant relief from the heat. But it has some disadvantages also. A large number of insects appear. We can find fly ants, mosquitoes and other such insects and cholera break out. Travelling during the rains troublesome. But children enjoy this season. They play, jump and sing in rain. So every Indian welcomes rain. They know that country’s economy depends on it. Such is the life of an Indian during the rains.

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