ESSAY ON A Memorable Day Of My Life


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ESSAY ON A Memorable Day Of My Life

The day was 24rd june . We were on our way to leh. we were a group of 10 people. We started from Patnitop in two jeeps. We were all college friends and leh ladakh was our first trip together. That day morning at 5 am we started our journey and decided to spend our night in a place between Patnitop and Leh .

Slowly the sun shone brightly and the climate was pleasant. we started early because our driver told us that if we are late the bright sunlight will melt the glaciers and the level of water of the water crossings will go up which will lead to a huge problem. Gradually our jeeps kept crawling up the hills. we were mesmerized by the beauty of the road. On the left there were huge mountains and on the other side steep slope was present. As we moved up the temperature dropped and the place became more senic.

Another notable change was there which was that the color of the hills turned from green to white . vegetation was becoming thiner as well as the air. We stopped for lunch at 3 pm. Then continued our journey till the daylight gave way to the night. We stepped out of the vehicle and helped each other in setting up the tents. we were carrying five tents. It became even more dark silently. It was around 8 o, clock in the night we lighted fire and sat encircling it. We were conversing with each other and at times our drivers were sharing their driving experiences over years on these treacherous terrains.


We also made up plans for the next day. It was around 9:17 pm when we completed our dinner and returned to our tents. The spot we chose for the night stay was a wide valley, which had mountains on every sides. Within hundred meters from where we had put our tents flowed a river. The beauty of nature that I witnessed that day was incredible. My friends felt asleep. I was wide awake watching the hide and seek of the moon behind the huge mountains. The valley was drenched with the white moon light. The view was intoxicating.

The view made me realize that the nature there is so pure that witnessing it can wash away all our sins. This was the most memorable day of my life. That night the distant rumble of the flowing water of the river sounded as lullaby. I am still unaware, when I had fallen asleep that night. Next morning I found myself inside the sleeping bag and the diary on my side which still contains the note I just shared ……

ESSAY ON A Memorable Day Of My Life


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