Earthquake Essay For Students

Earthquake Essay
Earthquake Essay

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Earthquake Essay In 600 words (Essay On Earthquake 1)

Earthquake is a natural calamity that has been shaking mankind for centuries. Yet man hasn’t been able to find a solution to prevent or stop it. Since centuries earthquakes have been killing people & destroying everything that comes in it’s way. Many myths have been associate to earthquakes. According to one such myth, the earth rests on the head of a cobra & whenever the cobra nods it’s head, there is an earthquake.

It continues to be a myth as science has already provided explanations for the occurrence of an earthquake. Scientists are of the opinion that the earths crust is divided into six major and several smaller plates. The interior side of the earth is growing gradually and cools owing to the radiation of the heat. The cooler the earth, the plates inside it get smaller in size. It cause a constant movement. Due to the movement of the earth when these plates move and collide with each other, earthquake take place. It generally take place on the edges of the plates.

Earthquake is measured on a scale named “Richter scale“. They are characterized by the severe shaking of the earth. The strength of an earthquake can be seen in the huge amount of destruction they cause. An earthquake lasts only for 10-15 minutes but causes a lot of desertion.

There is a horrible scene at the place where disaster has stroked. The building are cracked some of them even collapse. Huge fissures of the ground can be seen. Thousands of people die, many of them get buried beneath the huge debris Burrowing animals like rats relies the earth quake very quickly.

Welfare organizations like NGO’s the Army, Paramilitary | forces the police force, etc. help the people. They distribute food packets, water etc sent by the government. Many different countries also help the affected countries. We hope your enjoying this article on Earthquake.

                      EARTHQUAKE ESSAY

Causes of Earthquakes

Earthquakes are caused mainly due to disequilibrium in any part of the crust of the earth. A number of causes have been assigned to cause disequilibrium in the earth’s crust, some of them are given below.

  1. Volcanic activity : Volcanic activity is considered to be one of the major causes of earthquakes. Vulcan city and seismic events are so intimately related to each other that they become cause and effect for each other.
  2. 2. Faulting and Elastic Rebound Theory: The horizontal and vertical movements caused by end genetic forces result in the formation of faults and folds which in turn cause isocratic disequilibrium in the crystal rocks which ultimately causes earthquakes.
  3. 3. Hydro-static Pressure and Anthropogenic Causes: Certain human activities such as pumping of ground water and oil, deep underground mining, blasting of rocks, nuclear explosion, etc. also cause earth tremors of serious consequences.

Effects of Earthquake

Earthquakes and their hazards are determined on the basis of the magnitude of seismic intensity as determined by Richter scale but are decided in the basis of quantum of damages done by a specific earthquake to human lives and property.

  1. Landslides Weaker landmasses and sensitive land margins cause landslides and debris falls, which damage settlements and transport systems on the lower slope segments.
  2. Structures such as buildings, roads, rails, factories, dams, bridges suffer a huge damage thus causing a heavy loss of human life and property both.
  3. Cities and towns are worst affect due to large concentration of human population. Due to collapse of buildings ground water pipes are bent and damage thus water supply and many things.
  4. Earthquakes strongly shake the buildings and thus strong oscillations cause severe fires in houses, mines and factories because of overturning of cooking gas cylinders, contact of live electric wires, churning of blast furnaces, displacement of other electric and fire related appliances.

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