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Biography Of A Clock In 500 Words

I am a wall clock of brand name “Fuel” which was established on 1970. My age is around 54 years. The time since my birth, the things have not been the way I want hem to be as I haven’t been able to share my feelings unlike the humans who ruled the world. But I adjust with every situation.

After my birth I was pack in a box and kept in a dark corner of the warehouse. Finally one fine morning a dealer came to buy me.

He bought me and displayed me on a wall in his shop. There I finally made few friends there. They were from other brands. After almost a month came my owner Mr RAJ who bought me for 1000 rupees and took me in his home. Ones I was unwrapped I was stunned by the decoration of the room. There were 10 other clocks which looked stunning. Gradually I understood that my owner is interest in colleting clocks. I felt proud that I was a limited edition of that time.


I have a pendulum attached to me and I sing as soon as an hour passes by. My owner loves me a lot. His age is 72 but he still services my every weekend. I have witnessed a lot of good and bad times of my owner. There was a time Mr RAJ  had a great loss in business. He couldn’t sleep at night.

I used to sing him to sleep when both my minute and hour hand comes at 12. Ones I saved the household from robbery. It was a Saturday night. After everybody felt asleep two thieves entered my owners room where I was present. It was around 2:40 in the night.


I felt helpless as I saw them stealing but I was unable to wake Mr RAJ . I had to abide by my ethics and I could only say when my hour hand completes an hour. Also I was praying to the all mighty so that they stays till 3 o’clock when I will be going to make a sound. God listened to me that day and it was around 3 o’clock when they were packing the cash and jewelry.

I started singing my default tone but in higher pitch, which hit Mr RAJ ears. He was so connected to me that a difference in the pitch made him understand that something is wrong . he got up and called the security and the thieves got caught.

After this incident he thinks that I am lucky for him. So after being so old , not being able to sing the way I sang earlier and now a days I make a unpleasant sound while moving my hands but still I am Mr RAJ favorite.


1)It provide correct time.

2)with the help of clock we can predict what time is it.

3)it is very use full foe our daily life.

4)it helps in managing once time.


1)It requires batteries which are expensive.

2)some are slow or fast.

3)It is more expensive.

4)you have to reset the time in the winter.

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