Autobiography Of Umbrella For Students

Autobiography of an umbrella
Autobiography of an umbrella

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Autobiography Of Umbrella In 400 Words

Hello, friends! I’m an umbrella. I protect humans from getting wet in the rain. But they never care for me. They hang me in a corner of their house and remember me only when it is raining. This just shows how selfish humans are. But what will they do? my duty start in the beginning of rainy season till its end. Some peoples mostly girls use me in summer also to protect them selves from burning sun light.

I was born in an umbrella factory. There were many umbrellas like me lying all over the place. From there, we were divided and sent to different shops. The shop, where I was sent, had many umbrellas. Some of them were so beautiful that even I liked them. I was placed between the simple old-fashioned umbrellas of my kind. We all were black, had a steel rod and a ‘J’ shaped handle. there were many spokes attached to us. I made many friends there. I wished I could live there throughout my life with my friends. But as it was the rainy season, my stay at the shop was a short-lived one.

Some days later, a man in a black suit came. He wanted an old-fashioned good quality umbrella. The owner of the shop, took him to the section where we were placed. He checked many of my friends and me also. Finally, he understood that all were of the best quality and so he randomly picked me up, paid the money and took me home. As soon as he came out of the shop, the rain started and my work began immediately.

He took me home and kept me drying just outside the door, He told his children not to play with me. Thereafter, he took prop care of me and took me to his office with him daily. This was nly routine till there was the rainy season. When the rainy seas ended, he covered me with a paper and kept me in a plastic bus somewhere in the store room.

He covered me properly so that dust, termites & other insects might not harm me. But, now I’m bored of lying here in the darkness, sometimes the family members of my master’s family come here, in search of something, every time I hope that they’ve come for, me but every time they ignore me and go back. I’m just waiting for the next rainy season, so that I can be out in the open again.

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