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Autobiography Of A Tree
Autobiography Of A Tree

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Autobiography Of A Tree In 500 Words

Actually, I was born beside a road as a small sapling. It was the rainy season which was very helpful for the sprouting of my seed. I guess, my seed was thrown by somebody and luckily it got buried in the soil and due to the rains even the sapling took root. I had to face many problems there. Many insects troubled me, the vehicles running on the roads buried me under the dust.

On fine day, a gardener happened to travel on the road. He took notice of me and soon he understood, I was a good quality mango species. Gardener delicately uprooted me & took me to his home. He planted me in an open ground besides his house and watered me daily. And he also put in place an iron fence around me, to guard me from animals like cows, goats etc. Soon, I began to grow.

For the first few years, I only grew in height and had very few leaves. My stem was just like the arm of a kid. It was very thin and straight. After a couple of years, my stem started getting broader & thicker. That was my period of youth, I was between the stage of a plant and a tree. But, still I had no fruits. My gardener was growing older and older. But he never missed his routine, he watered me daily and looking at my growth, he also realized the need of fertilizers. He loved me like his son, because when he brought me home, just a few days later, his son was born.

I share a lot of good memories with the gardeners son. My growth was faster as compared to him. He considered me his friend and even talked to me. He told me every thing that was there in his mind. I spoke to him through different signals. When I was angry with him, I would stand still, without any movement of my leaves, when I was happy, I waved my leaves, When I was sad, I dropped a few of them down and there where many more signs, no one but he understood me exactly.

Both of us kept on growing, slowly, I was transformed into a fully grown tree and he was transformed from a young boy to a man. It was a very fortunate co-incidence that the first summer when I bore fruits, the gardener’s son also had a son. Now the gardener had passed away and his son was an officer in a government office, as he told me. I have witnessed so many changes in this world around me, and from a simple mango tree, I have turned a tree of knowledge and my fruits will pass it on through their sweetness. We hope you enjoy this Autobiography Of A Tree.

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