Autobiography Of A River For Students

Autobiography of River
Autobiography of River

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Autobiography Of A River In 400 Words

Please save me! save me, please! I am a river and I’m in great pain. I am one of the major rivers of India, but the people under the name of worship and religion pollute me carelessly Now, even I’m tired of such worship. People wash all their sins by bathing in my water and leave me impure such kinds of human activities are troubling me a lot and may even result in my death. I remember the earlier days, when my water was crystal clear and it’s purity could be compared to the scored, ‘Nectar’. Such were those days.

My origin is there in a glacier in the Himalayas and finally I mix with the bay of Bengal. At the origin. I am just a small stream of water, flowing playfully through the mountainous region. As I enter the region of the plains, many other small rivers join me and turn me into a big river. Even during the old days religious rites were performed on my banks but they made me feel sacred and filled the atmosphere with sanctity. People then respected me a lot such was my purity that people gave its examples.

Slowly and slowly, the number of people living in the cities on my banks increased. The number of people coming for rituals also increased. These rituals were only a source of income for some pandits with no religious or moral value. These rituals only added to the things being immersed into me. A large number of  people on my banks also meant the sewage water being poured into me.

All these humanly activities have tormented me a lot during the last few decades. The industrial wastes being let into me are another step forward towards my end. At the beginning, I was the one due to which people started dwelling here, I was the one due to which civilizations survived & flourished here and now, due to these civilizations, life has become hell for me.

Sometimes, I think had I flooded when I was healthy, these civilizations could never have reached this alarming number and they would not have been so harmful. But I could not do it, as the humans call me their mother. That is why, I kept on enduring the pains, but never once complained.

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