Autobiography Of A Five Rupee Coin


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Autobiography Of A Five Rupee Coin In 500 Words

Hey friends! I am a five rupee coin. I am that thing which can make any one happy. If people see me lying somewhere, unattended, they rush towards me and pick me up at once. Though I am old, I still feel like being young, as I am made of metal, I cannot die. unless I am recycled. Even damaging me takes a lot of effort, so even after so many years I’m still in my original round shape. I am heavier as compared to the other coins like 25 paisa, 50 paisa one or two rupees and I am of the highest denomination among the coins as well.

When I was born in a government mint, I was shining. Now with age, I have lost my shine but my value is as it is. Then I, along with many other coins was sent to a bank and we officially became the parts the economy when we were handed over by the bank to it’s customers. Since, then I have traveled from places to places and persons to persons.

autobiography of coin
autobiography of coin

Life of a coin like me is worth living. I have traveled the whole of India, since my seven years ago. I have seen the snowfall of Kashmir and the ocean at Knyakumar, I have seen the bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea. I have visited all the famous and worth watching monuments of India. I have seen each & every corner the Taj Mahal and seen the Balaji Temple many times.

I have an unrestricted access to place where only se ings can go like the President’s and the PM’s residences: There offices etc. I have seen them through the promoc but have us, their drivers and the workers of those pie ever got an opportunity to get into their own poc ven that day will soon arise. human beings can ce where only selected en them through the pockets of their Ts of those places, but have into their own pockets But I hope

I have seen the lives of everyone, form beggars to the Ambitious, form terrorists to the army chief, from common people to dignitaries, there is no class of humans that I’ve not seen. My life is the full of experiences and this treasure of mine is still increasing. I only fear the day when I will be recycled. O God! please, let don’t come that day in my life unless & until I am able to work for my India. “Jai Hind”.

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