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Autobiography Of A Book

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Autobiography Of A Book In 400 Words

Hi, friends! I am a book. My name is “India’s freedom struggle“. I was born at a place where many other books like me were born. All the books were just like me. We all had similar lines written on our pages. After sometime, our covers were pasted on us. I felt like wearing new clothes The cover had a picture of many great freedom fighters in one corner and the rest portion had a map of India.

We all lay there for a few days. During this period I made many new friends there. But, some people came and started picking up many books & putting them in a trolley which had many different books. Even I was placed in the same trolley. We were taken to a book shop. There I was-placed in the new arrival section, in a shelf behind glass doors, lights shone on me. I stayed there for a few days, but couldn’t make any friends. I was alone there, in the uppermost shelf, there were two books below me in two different shelves.

Then my place was changed & I was kept along with many other old books. Here I made many friends as well as spent some good time. Here, I was watching many people come and go daily in the shop. One day a young boy came into the shop. He asked the shopkeeper about history books & the shopkeeper brought him near our stand. The books in our stand were all related to history. He seem very happy see my name. He pick me out & bought me instantly. The boy was happy but I was sad, because I had lost my friends.

He put me in his bag. After that when he opened his bag & took me out. I was at his house. There were many books. He started reading me with a lot of interest & made some marks by his pencil. From his overall attitude I thought that he was not reading me only out of interest but he was studying history. He used me well, kept me in good condition. Sometimes he even took me to his college & share me with his friends. His friends also liked me a lot.

After his exam. I lay in his book shelf for many days & made many new friends there also. After a few months, he donated me to public library, where many young students have used me and many people are still using the knowledge I have. I feel proud to give my knowledge to young people. We hope you enjoy this Autobiography Of A Book.

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