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autobiography of bird
autobiography of bird

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Autobiography Of A Bird In 400 Words

I am a parrot. My nest is on a big tree. There are many parrots like me in this forest. All the birds in this forest are my friends and I enjoy spending time with my friends. The whole day we wonder here and there. We eat the fruits which ever, we like and keep on flying over on the forest, sometimes, we even go to the city, but try mostly to keep away form it.

I was born in this forest. I still live in the same nest where I was born. My father and mother were expert Hiers. They loved me a lot. When I was young they fed me in the nest. After some days they taught me flying. I liked to fly over long distance with them. My father taught me many acrobatic feats in the air while flying. I loved them very much. One such day, we had gone to search food. In the orchard where we ate apples. There was no one as usual. My father and mother first sat on a tree, to taste the apples, suddenly they were caught in trap.

They shouted & told me to fly away. This was the first time I came to know about man & his cruelty. From that day onwards, I never saw my parents again. But they had taught me all the skills required to survive in the jungle. That is why, I like to maintain some distance from man. As he took my parents, he might take me or my friends as well. Man thinks of all other animals as unfortunate, because we don’t have the intelligence like man. But due to his intelligence man has only created problems, for himself as well as the whole world.

He has all the luxuries and comforts but he has lost his freedom. Every time, he is under some restrictions or some kind of stress. Actually, man is an unfortunate animal because of all his | problems. Birds like us do not have to worry about anything at all. We just make nests in trees and live all over the earth. We are free to fly anywhere throughout the world. No one can restrict us. Thus, I enjoy the life of being a bird and having unlimited freedom to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

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